The PASOO envisions an obesity risk-free nation.


Pioneer in the prevention and control of obesity and its complications…


The idea of creating a local organization to focus on the study of overweight and obesity in the Philippines was first conceived by Dr. Augusto D. Litonjua, following his participation in the European Congress on Obesity…

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What’s New?

A Novel Way for Long Term Weight Management

A Novel Way for Long Term Weight Management

Philippine Consensus Statement on Ketogenic and Fasting Diet

The moderators collated and summarized all these evidences to come up with proposed statements and presented them to the group for consensus voting.

PASOO Lifestyle Recommendations for the Prevention of Obesity

PASOO Position Statement on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Exercise Is Medicine

What is the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Program?

EIM is a global program committed to the belief that:

  • Physical activity is integral to the prevention and treatment of disease.
  • Physical fitness should be regularly assessed as part of all medical care
  • Exercise should be a standard inclusion in all activities related to disease prevention and treatment.

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Obesity Alert

PASOO Cookbook: Breakfast and Snacks – Big Bites For Breakfast and Breaks

Eat Breakfast Like A King Through Healthy Delightful Choices

PASOO Cookbook: Delectable Treats for Sweet-Toothed Diabetics

Counting Carbs? There’s more to that!

PASOO Cookbook: Enjoy Diabetic-Friendly Meals the Chef Sau Way

Learn easy to prepare diabetic meal plan good for 14 days